• Mask, Gas
Mask, Gas
Mask, Gas
Mask, Gas
Mask, Gas

Object ID
Object Name
Mask, Gas
Date Created
circa 1942
12.5425200000 cm. H x 18.4150000000 cm. W x 15.4000200000 cm. L Measurements are of the gas mask itself, not including the cannister., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Navy, US (created by)
Yiannias, Nickas (is related to)
Object Description
The mask is black with oval-shaped eye holes and a circular front. There are tubes going from the bottom of the eye holes to the cannister in the back. There are six elastic straps on the back of the mask to attach it to your head. There is also a grey sheet that goes in the mask to keep it in shape, called a faceform. On the front of the mask, it reads "USN U" in black letters. There are also directions on how to use the mask.
This is a US Navy, Universal sized, ND Mark III gas mask. The "ND" stands for "Navy Diaphragm." This diaphragm allowed the wearer to communicate while wearing the mask. It also had eyepieces shaped to enhance peripheral vision. The filter canister was suspended behind the neck, which allowed more freedom while working on the ship. This mask was designed to protect against toxic gases, vapors, dust, and smoke. This protection lasted as long as the canister was functioning properly and the seal was maintained. It did not protect the wearer from carbon monoxide, ammonia, carbon dioxide or tritium. The Mark III was manufactured in significant numbers, but it was replaced in only two years by the Mark IV, which was manufactured towards the end of WWII.
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