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Object Name
Typewriter, Manual
Date Created
1924 – 1939
12.2250200000 cm. H x 33.4975200000 cm. W x 29.6875200000 cm. L The dimensions correspond to the box, not the typewriter itself., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Corona, (created by)
Rifakes, George (is related to)
Object Description
This is a portable typewriter. The case is black with lines and is shaped like a box. The inside of the box has a black cube design. The handle is made of metal and connected to the box by two metal loops. The lid of the box is detachable by its metal hinges. There is a lock on the front that reads "Corona Typewriter Co" and it has a knob that one must push over to open the box. The front of the typewriter reads "Corona Four" It has yellow keys with black Greek letters. There is also a black ribbon. The inside of the lid has knobs at the front.
Typewriters were invented in the 1860s, but were largely displaced by the 1980s. This model corresponds to that of Corona Four, which was made around 1924, since 1924 was the first production year of the Corona Four, and their name changed to Smith-Corona shortly after. The Corona Four was decommissioned when factories were requisitioned to make military weapons at the beginning of World War II. This typewriter was a part of the Emeritus collection.
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