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53.1571200000 cm. H x 36.5125000000 cm. W Dimensions may change depending on how doll is displayed. Measurement was taken from arm to arm and from head to toe., Item (Overall)
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This is a doll dresses up as an evzone. It has red shoes with red, white, and blue pompoms attached to the tip. Halfway up its white legs, there is a black garter with a black tassel hanging off on the outside, and a black chord that is attached to either side of the garter, making a U shape. It is wearing a white fustanella, and a light blue sash around its waist. It has five silvery bottons on its chest, and is wearing a dark blue vest with golden colored embrordery in a diamond pattern and brown sequence in the middle of the diamonds. The back of the vest has two strips that are connected to the vest at the shoulder and hang to the bottom of the vest. They have a golden border with the brown sequence in the middle forming a line. The back of the vest has gold around the edges, but there is no diamond design. The doll's face looks like painted plastic, with blushing cheeks and blonde hair. It has red lips and nostrils. The eyes are blue, and it has thin blonde eyebrows. The hat is a red fez with a black chord and tassel hanging off of it, which is unattached to the doll.
This object was found in collections, so nothing is known about its origin. However, it is modelled after the evzone guards. Today, the evzone are members of the presidential guard. They guard the Greek Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Presidential Mansion, and the gates to the Evzones camp in Athens. Their distinctive uniform is modelled after the uniforms worn by the klephts, who resisted Ottoman occupation in Greece.
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