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25.0825000000 cm. W x 0.4775200000 cm. D x 31.7500000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
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Theodore, Constance (is related to)
George, Saint (is related to)
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An icon in a wood frame. A painted or printed icon is covered by a piece of embossed metal, with holes for the saint's head and hands. The icon depicts a man sitting on a horse. He is wearing armor and holding a spear. There is a dragon on the ground below him, and he is stabbing it with the spear. There is a halo around the man's head. There is an arc going across the top icon. Below the arch and above the man's head are the words "Saint" and "George" in Greek. There is a simple swirling design in the top left and right corners.
This is an icon of Saint George. George is thought to have been a Roman army officer who lived during the late third century. According to legend, George was born in either modern-day Israel or modern-day Turkey to Christian parents. George's father was an officer in the Roman army and, after his parents' death, George himself joined the army. When Emperor Diocletian demanded that all Christian soldiers recant their faith, George refused and was executed. A popular story about Saint George involves him slaying a dragon who has been preyin on the children in a village. Because of this, he is often depicted killing a dragon. This icon is covered with a riza, a metal covering used to protect an icon. Riza's are often made of precious metal. It is unknown what kind of metal this riza is made out of. It may be silver plated, or it may simply be tin or aluminum.
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