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Object Name
Date Created
25.0825000000 cm. W x 34.4500200000 cm. L Dimensions include matting., Item (Overall)
Cardboard; Paper
Object Entities
Laskaris, L. (created by)
Anton, George (owned by)
Anton, George (is related to)
Laskaris, L. (is related to)
Object Description
A painting on a piece of black cardstock. The painting show a woman wearing a white dress with tan or cream-colored stripes. The hem is black with red lines and designs. Over the dress, she is wearing a long, sleeveless, red vest. The vest is tied with a gold-colored sash with two decorative round pieces on the front. She is also wearing a black apron with a green tie and a pattern of green vines with red flowers. Across her chest, connecting the two sides of the vest, are three rows of gold bangles. She is wearing a red cap on her head. Over this, she is wearing a white shawl that goes over her head and across her shoulders. She is holding a long distaff with white wool in ther right hand, while her right hand is hold the yarn, with a spindle hanging at her side. She is wearing black slippers on her feet. At the bottom left of the painting is the artists signature in Greek, which reads "L. Laskaris" and the year 1958. At the bottom right is the word "Euboea" in Greek and then, below this, "Greec-Euboea" in English. The black cardstock is mounted on a larger, thicker rectangle of cream-colored cardstock.
This painting was donated by George Anton. It depicts a woman wearing a costume form the Greek island of Euboea. Euboea is the second largest of the Greek islands, after Crete. The woman is holding items used for spinning wool into yarn. In her right hand is a distaff, which is used for holding unpsun wool. She is spinning the wool by hand onto the spindle, which hangs from her left hand. The painting is signed in Greek with the name "L. Laskaris" and the year 1958, however there is no further information about the artist or the painting.
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