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25.0825000000 cm. W x 34.6075000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tarsouli, Athina (created by)
Anton, George (owned by)
Anton, George (is related to)
Tarsouli, Athina (is related to)
Grammatopoulos, Kostas (is related to)
Object Description
A color print of a woman wearing a Greek costume. She is wearing a white shirt with long sleeves and a lacy color and cuffs. Over this, she is wearing a low cut, red, long-sleeved jacket, with gold embroidery on the front and near the wrists. Pieces of flowing material decorated with roses hang from each wrist. She is wearing a wide, ankle-length pleated skirt of an indeterminate shade. The skirt is made of the same rose-decorated material as the pieces hanging from her wrists. On her chest is a gold broach with a green stone. On her head is a red cap with a long tassel. The cord of the tassel is gold and red, while the skirt is blue. Below the picture is a signature in Greek that says "A. Tarsouli". Printed below this is the number "11" and the words Missolonghi, Queen Amalia style in Greek and French.
This print was donated by George Anton. The print comes from a 1941 book called "Greek Costumes" by Greek artist Athina Tarsouli, who lived from 1884 to 1975. Each print in the book shows a person wearing a costume from a different part of Greece. The name of the region in Greek and French is printed below each picture. While the original paintings were done by Tarsouli, this print was made from a lithograph based on the painting. The lithograph may have been made by Greek engraver Kostas Grammatopoulos. This print shows a woman wearing a version of the Amalia dress, apparently from Missolonghi. The Amalia dress was designed my Greece's first queen, Amalia of Oldenburg, based on aspects of Greek dress. It became popular among townswomen in Greece and other areas of the Balkans.
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