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25.0825000000 cm. W x 34.76752 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tarsouli, Athina (created by)
Anton, George (owned by)
Anton, George (is related to)
Tarsouli, Athina (is related to)
Grammatopoulos, Kostas (is related to)
Object Description
A color print of a woman wearing a colorful costume. The woman is wearing a white, ankle-length dress with long, wide sleeves. The sleeves and bottom of the dress have intricate designs of blue, pink, and yellow. She is wearing a black apron tied around her waist and hanging down the front to her calves. The apron has a a green vine with white and red flowers, and there is lace trim around the edge. The woman is also wearing a pink vest, with large arm holes, that goes down to her hips. She is wearing a golden, jewelled collar and several more golden chains across her chest. She is wearing a white scarf on her head, with bangles hanging over her forehead. On her feet are white stockings and red shoes. Next to the right foot is a signature in Greek that says "A. Tarsouli".
Below the image is the number "4" and the name "Mesogeion" in both Greek and French.
This print was donated by George Anton. The print comes from a 1941 book called "Greek Costumes" by Greek artist Athina Tarsouli, who lived from 1884 to 1975. Each print in the book shows a person wearing a costume from a different part of Greece. The name of the region in Greek and French is printed below each picture.
While the original paintings were done by Tarsouli, this print was made from a lithograph based on the painting. The lithograph may have been made by Greek engraver Kostas Grammatopoulos.
This print shows a woman wearing a costume from Mesogeia, an area in Attica, the part of Greece that also contains Athens.
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