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42.7050200000 cm. W x 53.0225000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Cardboard; Cotton; Wood
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A framed embroidery. The background is an off-white fabric. The embroidery shows a pair of flags with their poles crossing. On the left is an American flag with a diamond shaped finial on top of the pole, as well as red and gold tassels. On the right is a Greek flash with a cross shaped finial and gold and bluish-silver tassels. The thread used for the blue parts of both flags looks silver but there are indications that it was once much bluer. At the bottom, below the flags, are the words "United States" below the American flag, "Greece" below the Greek flag, and the year "1912" in the middle. Above this but below the flags are three large embroidered letters. The first, on the left, appears to be an A (or possibly an H). The one in the middle looks like either an F or a J. It is unclear what the letter on the right is supposed to be, but it may be an N. In the lower right corner are the words "Improved by" followed by initials that appear to be "M P". The frame is made of lightweight wood, painted black with a gold stripe around the inside edge. The frame has a cardboard backing.
This embroidery was donated by Eugenia Pilafas, but little is known about it. It may have been made in 1912 and was apparently worked on by someone with the initials "MP". It is unknown what the larger letters stand for.
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