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Framed Doll
2.8575 cm. H x 23.0174800000 cm. W x 29.21 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Cardboard; Cotton; Glass; Paper; Plastic; Wood
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Doll is inside of framed case. The frame is a gold wooden frame with floral decorations. The frame is deep enough to hold the doll. The doll is secured on cardboard on the back of the frame. From the head down: This is a male doll. He has black hair and is wearing a large red cap with a gold crown and a long black tassel. He has a large black mustache. He is wearing traditional Greek clothing. The top of his costume is a red felt vest with large sleeves. They have white and gold trim throughout the whole piece and there are sequins with beads in rows along the midsection and sleeves. Underneath the red top he is wearing a white shirt. He has his hands on his hips (they are white plastic). He has a royal blue sash and a white and royal blue rope around his waist. He is wearing a large white pleated skirt. His legs are made of fabric, though they are flatter than the rest of the doll. He has a piece of black strong on both of his calves. He is wearing red shoes that have white and royal blue pom poms on the tops.
At the bottom in white ink is written "Greek Costumes Tsolias"
Doll belonged to the donor's father's parents: Irene and Nicholas Jonas.
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