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2.2225000000 cm. H x 50.0049800000 cm. W x 59.6900000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Oil Paint
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(?), N. (created by)
Object Description
This is an oil painting on canvas. The canvas is held together in the back with wood and secured on with nails that surround all four borders. The subject in the painting is Eleni Kyriazis: an older woman with grey hair and dark eyes. She is slightly turned to her left. The portrait depicts her from her chest up. She is wearing what looks to be a long black dress with long sleeves. At the top near her collar, there is one large black button. The background is a pinkish-grey blend. The artist's signature is in blue, located in the bottom right hand corner.
Painted portrait of Eleni Kyriazis, the maternal grandmother of Helen I. Jonas. Eleni Kyriazis was from Patra, Greece and lived in Greece her whole life. She was married to Yanni Vasiliou . Yanni Vasiliou was a shoemaker until they had government jobs with trains as a switchman.
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