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Concert Program
27.46248 cm. H x 21.11248 cm. W x 0.635 cm. D, Item (Overall)
Metal; Paper
Object Description
Program for Athens Festival on paper held together with two staples. The entire program is printed in color. The cover has an orange stripe at the top and a large brown block on the bottom. The middle of the page has a mustard yellow background. There are two figures. On the left: a woman in a white and black toga who has her arm supinated towards her as she looks down. On the right: a man waring a white and red toga sitting down holding some kind of musical instrument. Behind him is a large pot with a plant and what looks to be the arm of another figure next to it. On the bottom in orange font in Greek translates to "Athens Festival 1956". The inside content contains advertisements, program dates and information, pictures of performers, and more.
Program of events from the Athens Festival of 1956.
In 1955, when George Rallis was Minister of the Presidency in the government of Alexander Papagos, the decision was taken to organise a high arts festival in Athens. To this end, the renowned theatre director Dinos Giannopoulos was invited over from America, and was in effect given the complete freedom to found and organise the Athens Festival as he saw fit. The Festival programme included theatre and music performances, all of which were held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.
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