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13.49248 cm. H x 10.16 cm. W, Item (Overall)
Metal; Paper
Object Description
Small booklet with blue paper cover, 40 white pages (back and front) and two staples holding them together. On the cover there is a Greek key border surrounding a circular stamp of the Federation of Sterea Hellas. Underneath in Greek and English reads "Federation of Sterea Hellas Constitution and By-Laws Detroit, Michigan 1953."
The back of the first page inside the booklet is in English and explains the aims of the organization. The rest of the pages (back and front) are in Greek.
Sterea Hellas is part of Central Greece and borders to the North, Epiros and Thessalia, to the East the Evian Gulf, to the South the Attica and the Gulfs of Corinth and Patras, to the West Lefkada, Ithaca, and the Ionian Sea. It consists of five states: Viotias, Fthiotidos, Fokidos, Evritanias and Etoloakarnanias.
The first immigrants to the United States arrived between 1890-1910. The second wave of immigration took place between 1910-1930, and the largest immigration occurred after the civil war from 1948-1965.
Most of the immigrants settled in the Eastern and Central United States. There were others who reached Florida, New Orleans, California, Colorado and Utah.
Our Federation considers it an honor and obligation to respect our ancestors from Roumeli by founding the OSEAK ARCHIVES.
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