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Object Name
Ornament, Christmas Tree
0.79248 cm. H x 11.1125 cm. W x 9.8425 cm. L Dimensions are of case which holds the ornament., Item (Overall)
Cardboard; Metal; Velvet
Object Description
Christmas tree ornament in gold metal. In an arc-shape with cut outs and engravings is a depiction of Saint Nicholas, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, and the words "St. Nicholas" in cursive. Engraved underneath the figures reads "Greek Orthodox Church Oak Lawn, Illinois". A gold metallic thread is looped at the top to hang the ornament. The ornament is held inside a cardboard case covered in royal blue velvet. On the outside cover of the case in a gold stamp is a cross surrounded by Greek symbols.
A Christmas tree ornament from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

The Greek symbols on the cover of the case: IC XC NIKA means Jesus Christ Conquers

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Oak Lawn, Illinios was first purchased in May 1927 from a Protestant congregation.
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