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Object Name
Case, Violin
Date Created
circa 1939
8.7299800000 cm. H x 23.4950000000 cm. W x 76.9924800000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Leather; Velvet; Wood
Object Entities
Object Description
Wooden violin wrapped in black leather. There are two brown latches: one towards the bottom, and one one towards the top. There is a silver latch towards the middle of the case that requires the person to slide the lock which releases the latch. To the right of the silver latch is a large cardboard handle covered in leather that is secured with brackets. The inside of the case is a royal blue velvet. A violet ribbon goes across the length of the lid of the case to secure the bow. The bow also slips into a slit at the top. At the top and the middle of the bottom of the case, there are two raising platforms to rest the violin on which also open up as storage containers. On the top one, there is a metal label which reads "The Lifton MFG CO INC 'Built Like a Fortress' Made in USA". There are three hinges that secure the lid to the bottom of the case and there are remenants of purple and gold ribbons at those points. The bottom of the case has three round metal caps to protect the case when it is set down.
Belonged to the grandfather of John Sepsis. 1918 – Lifton Mfg. Co. is Established in New York. Brothers Morris and Sam Lifton start The Lifton Mfg. Co. It’s not certain exactly when in 1918 the firm is established, but the first published record of activity is November 16, 1919. 1939: This new oval blue & gold Lifton label is the earliest known occurrence of: 1. The “Built Like A Fortress” slogan 2. The “Fortress” design 3. The “Incorporated” designation This version of the label is rare since production was evidently curtailed during WWII and a newer black & red version of the Lifton Label came out at the end of the war.
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