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6.35 cm. H x 20.6375 cm. W x 59.3725 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Metal; Stone; Wood
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Violin made of wood with steel strings. There is a metal clamp on the side to secure the black chin rest. The violin has a reddish tint to it, but has faded to a light brown in many areas. The tailpiece is black and held in place with a red rope. Two cut F holes on the right and left of the bridge and strings. The neck is black, as are the four tuning pegs. The scroll is a dark brown with fading light brown edges. The trim along the front of the upper and lower bout contains a striped pattern. On the back of the body is a stone (possibly opal or similar stone) inlay pattern. An eight-leafed clover shap contains the Star of David and some squares and circles.
Belonged to the grandfather of John Sepsis. Possibly Greek-Jewish because of the Star of David inlay on the back of the violin.
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