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Object Name
Pin, Political
Date Created
1973 – 2002
1.42748 cm. Diameter Pin is attached to paper. This is the dimension of the pin only., Item (Overall)
Metal; Paper
Object Description
Small pin attached to paper. The pin is gold on the outside rim and behind. A gold 16-point star is in the center of the pin on a navy blue background. Two small concentric circles are in the middle of the star. On the cover, the paper reads in blue print: "Friends of Phil Angelides"
The inside text reads "Enclosed is a token of my appreciation for your generosity and support. This design is based on the ancient 16-point Star of Macedonia, found in the royal tombs of Vergina, in the Macedonian region of Greece. The Star dates from the era of Philip of Macedonia (father of Alexander the Great), for whom I was named. I hope you will enjoy this symbol of my pride in Greek history, culture and heritage, which taught me to believe in politics and governance. -Phil Angelides"
The back of the paper reads "Paid for and authorized by friends of Phil Angelides. 2424 K Street Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 446-1994"
Angelides was born in Sacramento, California, to Helen (née Papadopoulos) and Jerry Angelides, Greek immigrants. Growing up, Phil and his brother Kimon were encouraged by their father to learn about geography and the United States government. Their father would quiz them weekly on these topics.
Angelides was educated at The Thacher School in Ojai, California and graduated from Harvard University in 1974, majoring in government as a Coro Foundation Fellow.
Angelides' interest in politics was ignited in 1971, during his college freshman year, when he met anti-war activist Allard Lowenstein. In 1973, while in college, Angelides unsuccessfully ran for Sacramento City Council against a popular incumbent. From 1975 to 1983, Angelides worked for California's Housing and Community Development agency. During that time, he again ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 1977.
Angelides was an early supporter and fundraiser of the eventual 1988 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Michael Dukakis, and maintains a strong friendship to the present. His work with Dukakis led him to serve as the chairman of the California Democratic Party from 1991 to 1993.
Angelides first ran for State Treasurer in 1994, losing in the general election to Matt Fong. He served as Co-Chair of the Sacramento Mayor’s Commission on Education and the City’s Future from 1995 to 1996. He then ran again for State Treasurer in 1998 as a Democrat and won, and was re-elected in 2002.

Angelides and his wife, Julie, reside in Land Park with their three now grown-up daughters, Megan, Christina, and Arianna. His eldest daughter, Megan Garcia-Angelides, was the campus coordinator for his 2006 campaign.
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