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Object Name
World War II
17.78 cm. H x 23.495 cm. W x 28.2575 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Cotton; Leather; Metal; Plastic
Object Entities
Yiannias, Nickas (owned by)
Object Description
A steel helemet with a plastic liner. The shell is made of metal, which is rough and bumpy on the outside. It is painted dark gray on the outside and green on the inside. The chinstrap is made from cloth and has a metal hook and eye. The liner is green on the outside and has a pattern of light and dark brown stripes on the inside. There is webbing on the inside of the liner, made of a combination of leather and cloth. One piece of cloth appears to have the letter "FWE" written on it. The leather chinstrap of the liner is cracked with age and has been torn in half. The chinstrap clip is rusty.
This helmet was donated by Nickas Yiannias. It is a World War II helmet issued by the United States Navy. This kind of helmet, called the M1, was used by the United States military from 1942 to 1985. The helmets were mostly used by the Army and Marines, but the Navy also issued them to its gunners, anti-aircraft gunners. The helmet was adopted by the militaries of several other countries but is still strongly associated with the U.S. military.
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