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Card, Membership
NZC Card
Date Created
5.2400200000 cm. W x 0.3175000000 cm. D x 8.4150200000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Mint, Northwest (created by)
Object Description
A metal card. The card is made of brass and gold in color. There is a raised edge on both the front and back. At the top right of the card, in raised, silver-colored letters, are the words "Limited Edition Series A Net Zero Coin Set". In the lower right is a green logo for The Sports Index. At the top left is a silver circle containing an image of a bear and a bull. The circle also has a crooked arrow at the top pointing down and to the left and a crooked arrow at the bottom pointing up and to the right. Below the circle is a silver rectangle which says "No. 0103". Below the rectangle, in silver letters, are the words "Charter Member Good Thru" followed by the infinity symbol. The back of the card contains a fair amount of text in raised, silver letters. At the top are the words "Chicago Illinois USA - Home of the Bulls & Bears". Below this, in quotes, are the words "The Market of Sports". Below this is a blank silver rectangle, similar to the signature boxes on many membership cards. To the left of this box is an arrow pointing up next to the Greek letter Pi. To the right of the box is an arrow pointing down with the number 3.14 and the infinity symbol next to it. Below the rectangle are the words "Net Zero Coin Card". Below that is the Sports Index web address "thesportsindex.com". At the bottom of the card are two horizontal lines going across the length of the card. Between the lines are the words "bellwether stock index - media content - education curriculum". Bellow the second line is a copyright symbol followed by "2014 The Sports Index, Inc. All Rights Reserved".
This card was donated by Thomas Poulos. Poulos is the founder of the website The Sports Index. The idea of the sports index is to created a website which specifically tracks stocks related to sports, gaming, and related industries. Poulos also plans to provide articles about the business of sports and games, as well as educational content. In order to raise money for this venture, Poulos is selling sets of commemorative coins, called and metal "cards" which provide charter membership in "The Sports Index, Inc." This metal card serves as proof of membership. This is unusual because membership cards are normally made out of paper or plastic. It is unclear what exactly the purpose or benefits of membership are. Poulos claims that each charter member will get a unique number between 0000 and 1000, excluding the number 0666. This number is present on both the coin and the card. According to Poulos, the bull and bear on the front of the coin represent both the symbols of the stock market and two of Chicago's sports teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Bears. Like the coin, the card features both the mathematical symbol Pi and its negative equivalent. It also features a pace that is obviously meant to mimic the signature area of a normal plastic or paper card. As this card is made of metal, however, it obviously cannot be signed. This coin, and the Sports Index website, are an example of a Greek-American going into a different type of business than the traditional restaurant, grocery, or candy store.
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