Object ID
Object Name
Coin, Commemorative
Net Zero Coin
Date Created
0.635 cm. D x 4.445 cm. Diameter, Item (Overall)
Copper; Gold; Plastic; Silver
Object Entities
Mint, Northwest (created by)
Object Description
A commemorative coin in a plastic case. The coin is copper, plated with gold and silver. The center is silver, while the outer ring is gold. The silver center on the front of the coin has a gold bull and bear embossed on it. At the top there is a crooked arrow pointing downward and to the left. There is a similar arrow on the bottom, pointing upward and to the right. At the top of the outer gold ring, there is an image of a gear split into three sections. On the left side of the gear there is a + symbol, followed by the Greek letter Pi. On the right side of the gear is a - symbol, followed by "3.14" and the infinity symbol. On the bottom is the following text: "Series A - Net Zero Coin".
The back side of the coin has an image of a geared mechanism in the silver center. Over the lower part of the silver are is a small gold rectangle with the words "Limited Edition No. 0103". At the top of the gold ring are the words "Net Zero Coin". At the bottom are the words "Antikythera Mechanism - A.D. 2014".
The coin has a reeded edge.
This coin was donated by Thomas Poulos. Poulos is the founder of the website The Sports Index. The idea of the sports index is to created a website which specifically tracks stocks related to sports, gaming, and related industries. Poulos also plans to provide articles about the business of sports and games, as well as educational content. In order to raise money for this venture, Poulos is selling sets of commemorative coins, called and metal "cards" which provide charter membership in "The Sports Index, Inc." Poulos claims that each charter member will get a unique number between 0000 and 1000, excluding the number 0666. This number is present on both the coin and the card.
This "Net Zero Coin" has two numbers on it (Pi and its negative equivalent), giving the coin a face value of zero, which Poulos claims is a first. He also claims that the two numbers make it the first coin with a "net value". According to Poulos, the bull and bear on the front of the coin represent both the symbols of the stock market and two of Chicago's sports teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Bears.
The image featured on the back of the coin is the Antikythera mechanism, an analog computer from Ancient Greece. The mechanism was lost in a shipwreck in the first century BCE and rediscovered in 1900. Poulos says that he chose to use the image on his coin because it represents the spirit of innovation that is such an "important driver of economies and currencies".
This coin, and the Sports Index website, are an example of a Greek-American going into a different type of business than the traditional restaurant, grocery, or candy store.
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