Object ID
Object Name
10.3200200000 cm. H x 9.5250000000 cm. W, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Agiasos, Lesbos (created by)
Object Description
A terracotta mug with a handle. The mug is a dark orange-brown color. It has a tapered base and gets wider and the middle, then gets slightly narrower before widening again at the mouth. The handle is attached at the rim and further down near the middle, and it is only big enough to fit one finger. The mug is plain and unadorned. It has a few black smudges in various places, as well as some small white spots that are likely impurities in the clay. There is a crack where the handle meets the rim of the mug.
This mug was donated by MaryAnn Pazianos Satryb, in honor of her parents, George M. and Anna G. Pazianos. The mug comes from the town of Agiasos (or Agiassos), on the island of Lesbos, which is know for producing earthenware pottery like this. According to the donator, mugs like this were used for cooking fava beans. It is unclear whether this particular pitcher was used for utilitarian purposes or was simply decorative.
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