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Leather; Metal
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Selimos, Presbytera (is related to)
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Brown leather, accordion-style wallet with brown stitching. Front flap has a scrolled design. Closed shut by a snap button. When open, There is an orange/brown fabric lining with vertical tears. There are three open pockets and a fourth that can be closed with a metal clasp. Each of the pockets have the same orange/brown fabric lining. The pocket in the back has a smaller pocket sewn in on the side. There are no tears in this pocket, but there is some discoloration in the fabric. The metal clasp is a gold color but has a green-colored residue. The interior of this closed pocket has a circular stain on the bottom lining. The front two pockets have hardly any discoloration or tears. Placed diagonally on the back of the wallet, there is a leather strap with two smaller leather bands. The leather on the back is more distressed here than anywhere else with fading along the edges as well as scratches. The bottom accordion section is ripped on each fold to the point where one can see the pink lining of the leather.
Object may have been on loan to the museum.
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