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Metal; Plastic
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Kairis, Paul (is related to)
Gabriel, (is related to)
Mary, (is related to)
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Plastic setting and frame with metal trim, panels, and icon scene. There is a pointed, thin, and hollow metal base with floral design. In the center of either side is a Greek cross. Where the metal meets the plastic trim is slightly detached and discolored (white and greenish colors). The plastic trim is clear. On the base, there are two tiers that lead up to the diptych. The trim surrounding the doors is also clear with white geometric designs. Its in the Palladian style (flat sides and curved top). The double doors of the diptych are of the same metal of the base. There are floral designs and two Greek crosses as well as two small knobs. The same design lies on the other side of each door. The image on the interior is of the Annunciation. There is a three-tiered building with two staircases on either side and a bell tower to the right. Above the building is Gabriel, to the left, and Mary, to the right. Gabriel is shown in profile with wings, a halo, and a hand outstretched toward Mary. Mary is shown with her hands clasped, with a halo, and with a dove and rays pointing toward her. Under this scene is the inscription "CYAT THNOY". Above the door is a dove with its wings spread out, looking down at the scene. Behind the dove are rays. The backside of the diptych is plain unadorned metal. There are slight scratches and discoloration on the sides.
Originally from Tinos, Greece. Unknown when brought over to U.S. Small diptychs like this one are usually used for private worship.
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