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Chulos, Athena (is related to)
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Painted wood field water jug. It has a flattened circular shape with a pointed spout and four legs to stand. One side has a dark maroon color. In the center, there is a circularly designed nautical scene. An ornate gold border encircles a scene of a lighthouse on the water with a sun setting in the background. On the border, there is a red fish and part of a conch shell. Parts of this scene are faded, discolored, or chipped off. The other side is a lighter shade of red than the other side. The center also contains a circular scene. There is an ornate gold-colored border, and inside this border appears to be a depiction of the sea and the horizon. Parts of a starfish and coral are visible, but again, paint is fading and chipping off so much that the overall scene is difficult to see. The edge is painted with three stripes (two green, one orange). Along one side is a crack running from base to tip. The opening of the jug is small and brown. Paint is also fading in this section.
This water jug was donated by Athena Chulos.
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