Object ID
Object Name
Camera, Box
Date Created
1946 – 1951
Glass; Leather; Metal
Object Entities
Bacil, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
On the front, there are two circular finders on the top left and right corners. The finders have silver rims. Beneath these in the center, there is the larger, circular shutter and lens. It has a black rim. A majority of this front face is black with white design and lettering. The inscription above the lens in white lettering is "BROWNIE" and beneath it is "TARGET SIX-16". On the lower edge, the inscription says, in black lettering, "MADE IN U S A BY EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY". There is a vertical line design on the left and right sides of the lens. This front face has gold colored bolts in each corner. The camera is covered in a black leatherette. On the top, there is a leather handle which is attached to the box camera by silver screws. The strap says "BROWNIE TARGET SIX-16" in black lettering. There is also a viewfinder in the front corner. One side of the camera is plain while the other side has another viewfinder, a silver knob that can be turned (for focusing purposes), and the shutter button. Overall, the silver metal is slightly scratched and discolored by tarnish.
The Brownie Target Six-16, manufactured in America, was first introduced by the Eastman Kodak Company in July 1946. It was later discontinued in November 1951. This camera was donated by Constantine Bacil.
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