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Seal, Prosforo
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Bacil, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
This unpainted wooden stamp has a circular base and a circular handle. On the bottom of the base, there is an engraved pattern. A rope-like pattern creates a circular border. Within this border is a Greek cross divided into 5 square sections. One square holds 9 triangles, three squares each hold the inscription ICXC NIKA, and the final square holds one large triangle accompanied by a variety of other triangles and basic geometric shapes. There is some sort of black/grey residue on these etchings, either dirt or ink. The top side of the base is smooth and rounded, leading up to the circular handle. This handle holds a similar design to the base. There is an etched in circular line as a border as well as a square with the same ICXC NIKA marking. There is some dirt or other residue caked into parts of this design. The handle appears to be slightly lifted from its base as though it has become loose in some way.
This prosphora stamp was used for Orthodox Christian services. Prosphora is a type of bread used for eucharistic during Divine Liturgy. The stamp was pressed into the bread during the baking process, and this design was meant to represent the communion between the Divine and human, the connection between heaven and earth.
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