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Seal, Prosforo
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Lamberes, Chris (is related to)
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This unpainted wood stamp has a circular base and a square handle. On the botton, there are carved designs. There are three circular lines which create the border, and the inner circle is divided into 9 square sections. The main shape that these sections create is a Greek cross. Inside this cross, there are a variety of triangles, lettering, and design. The three of the markings show IC-XC NIKA. In the creases of the sections within the inner circle but not part of the cross, there is residue coloring of red/pink and green colors. There is a small hole as well as crack in the wood near the edge of the stamp. The top is smooth and plain. There is an unidentifiable word stamped on the smooth surface. The square handle is raised about half an inch from its base. It has the same IC-XC NIKA engraving as part of the sections on the stamp's base. There is pink coloring on two opposite corners as well as green coloring on the other two opposite corners. There also is green coloring in the center of the square.
This phosphora stamp was used for divine liturgy at Orthodox Christian services. Phosphora is a type of bread used as a eucharist offering, and this stamp is an example of how the bread received a seal usually representing the communion between God and humans and the connection between heaven and earth.
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