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Plastic; Wood; Wool
Object Description
Female Doll in traditional Greek clothing. She has plastic face, arms, hands, body, legs and feet. Her face is painted and she has a yellowish complextion, dark, fine eyebrows, blue eyes with thick eyeliner and lashes, pink nostrils and lips, and a large pink blush on her cheeks. She has auburn hair made out of some seemingly natural fiber, which is tucked under a pale yellow hankerchief and bound into two long braids over each shoulder. She wears traditional Greek woman's clothing, including a long, green felt vest with red, black and gold decoration along the edges, a long, ankel-length off-white dress with back ribbon accent in the center of the bodice, black ribbon trim along the bottom with orange, teal, white, and black thread embroidery accent in between the two black ribbon trims, a felt over-skirt, red and beige with black ribbon trim, and white, orange and green embroidery accents. She has a pleated off-white petticoat under her dress, white leggings and black shoes. in her arms she had two wooden rods with wool tied to them by thread, and in a woven red fabric bag with white blue, black, and yellow stiches as accents, is also filled with a bundle of wool, perhaps suggesting she comes from a shep-hearding village or is a weaver.
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