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Glass; Paper; Wood
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Thodos, George (is related to)
Olaf, (is related to)
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Black and white photograph of a man in a wooden frame. The photograph is mounted on white matte board and inside a black frame that has a gold border on the inner edge of the frame. A note on a small white peice of paper partially covers the photo at the bottom right corner of the frame. The note reads in blue pen, "Christmas 1962 / Dear George: - Wth many thanks for your close friendship over the years - Sincerely, Olaf".

The back of the frame is brown paper and there is a metal hanging hook attached at the top. Pasted onto the brown paper is a white sheet of paper with a diagram printed on the back that is a flowchart of last names of chemical engineers. The title of the chart is "The Academic 'Family Tree' of a Great Teacher" and at the bottom it is labeled "Chem. Engr. Dept. Ph.D. 'Flow Sheet' as of Sept. 1966 The univ. of Wisconsin" Handwritten in neat printing in black ink in the bottom right of this sheet are 19 more names numbered 28-47, some including a year (presumably a graduation year).
Given to George Thodos Christmas of 1962 from someone named Olaf.
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