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May 7, 1988
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Thodos, George (owned by)
Thodos, George (is related to)
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A commemerative plaque of wood and glass. The wood is brown painted black around the borders and has two hanging notches on the back. Attached to the wood with four metal-topped pins with a star printed on them in each corner is a rectangular piece of glass. Under the glass is printed on a gold background: "1938 1988. Alumni Association Illinois Institute of Technology. Honors. George Thodos, CHE. On this, the Golden Jubilee of the class of 1938 who for 50 years has loyally susained those high standards of professional activity and citizenship which Illinois Institute of Technology seeks to foster ina llher sons and daughters. Awarded at the annual meeting of te Alumni Association of Illinois Institute of TEchnology, held at Chicago, Illinois this 7th day of May, 1988." Signed by the President of IIT and the President of the IIT Alumni Association.
Awarded to George Thodos on the 50th anniversary of his graduation from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1938.

IIT is a Chicago university founded in 1890.
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