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Certificate, Achievement
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Bophaks, Konstantine (is related to)
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Achievement certificate from the National Pan-Epirotic Union in America. The award is being given to Konstantine Baphkas for following/keeping the rules of the association outside of Greece. It states that he is from Xlomo in Harbors Greece, but at the time of this certification served as the presedent of the organization Enosis in Chicago. At the top of the certificate, written in Greek it reads "National Pan-Hellenic Enosis in America" and the writting is surrounded by a think line making a cloud. In the center of the bottom of the cloud is a circle, which is incircled with the words "National Pan-Epirotic Union in America 1918" and in the center there is a man holding some type of spy glass standing in a rural field. Under the circle there are two pieces of straw that cross that the bottom tips and move out past the circle. Under the seal and headers is the discription of the certificate that is made out to Konstantine. The organization was based out of Boston Massachusets and Boston is the first line of text of the certificate. At the bottom of the descrition it is dated as November 15th, 1919 and has the signitures of the heads of the association in the bottom corners. The whole certificate is bordered with collums on each side, a 'roof' and the 'platform' with two pieces of straw attacted by the tips in the center of it.
National Pan-Epirotic Union in America, founded in 1918.
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