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Box, Cigarette
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Poulos, Peter (is related to)
Antini, (is related to)
Object Description
Blue and white cigarette box, unopened. The top section, the lid, is all navy blue with white writting on it. On the very top of the lid there is the number '22' and under it reads "Ultra Lights". On the front of the lid there is a crest of two lions standing on their hind legs and resting their front legs on a red "sheild" that has the number '22' on it and a white crown on top. Under the crest reads "antinicot'. On the back of the lid there is a light blue lable. On the sides of the lable there is the Greek Key in a navy blue. There is then a lined box, also in navy with navy wrtitting within it. The text is in three different languages: Greek, English and Spanish. It reads "Cigarettes for export only, the use in Greece is prohibited" The rest of the cigarette box is white with navy writting. On the front of the pack there is the number '22' that is surrounded by a navy box outlined with silver. Under the box the words "Ultra Lights" is in navy. On the back, in the center there is the number '22' again and above it is the same crest as on the lip, but smaller. About half an inch down there is "Ultra Lights" and under that, written in Greek is "With special blends and filters Ultra-L" "For change in taste and smoking" "TH. D. Georgiages S.A." On the right side of the pack reads, in both Greek and English "TH. D. Georgiades S.A - Athens" On the left side reads, also in Greek and English "20 Cigarettes - DRS. 63" On the very bottom of the pack there is the "22 Ultra Lights" in navy blue. The plastic casing has not been removed to the pack is still sealed shut.
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