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Lace; Plastic; Velvet
Object Description
Large Greek doll (female) with a painted fabric face and plastic hands,arms, legs, and feet. She has light red hair made from fabric, and tied in buns on over each ear. Her legs are covered in some type of stretchy fabric. She wears a a black velvet hat with gold coins and a black thread tassle on the left side, a black velvet jacket trimmed with lace on the chest and on the ends of the sleeves, with red beads as buttons down the lace in the front and around the sleeves with gold fabric trim, and a gold braided ribbon belt. She has a two-tiered skirt, with a black velvet top layer and cream/yellowish fabric bottom layer. The velvet layer is decorated with gold trim making diamon patterns on both the left and right front sides. They have silver sequins with green beads sewn in the centers of the diamonds, and silver stars with red beads sewn on the angles where the diamonds meet. trimed with a Greek key pattern, and the Greek key trim is also worn around the doll's neck as a necklace. Below the key pattern trim, the bottom of the skirt has a scalloped edge. In the diamond shapes there are different colored sequins sewn in the centers. The bottom layer has a zig-zag pattern of thread making diamond shapes along the front, and lining the bottom of the skirt. The skirt is pleated and lined with lace along the bottom. There seems to be staining on the edges.
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