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Female doll made from fabric. Doll is dressed in traditional Greek clothing. She is wearing a forest green head-scarf that drapes over shoulders and down her back ending at her waist, with a metal coin attached to the front of her head-scarf by thread that hangs to rest over her bangs. There appears to have been a second coin on the head-scarf, but it has fallen off. She wears a pair of earrings, made from two brown beads. She has sequins on the scarf; a pair on either side of a single sequin in the center. She wears a red satin shirt under a coral and beige overcoat with striped sleeves. She also has a belt the same color as her head-scarf. She has three coins attached to the bust area of her red shirt, as well as one more attached to her center of her sash belt. She wears a long skirt made from the same beige and striped fabrics of her jacket. The doll's head, arms, and legs are all made of fabric. She has painted facial features. Brown eyebrows, blue eyes, and red lips. Her hair is brown.
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Doll, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 05/24/22.