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Pefenis, Sandra (is related to)
Talaganis, George (is related to)
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The tunic itself is all white with decoration on about three inches of the sleeve and about three and a half inches on the bottom of the skirt. The neckline is trimmed with red string, simple stitching. The neckline also plunges downward into a thin "V" and there is a string on each side of the opening, also red. On each sleeve the very end of it is trimmed with lace. There is about a two inch panel of design that shows a somewhat geometric design of flowers which alternate in color going from red to yellow to green and contiues around the sleeve. Also around this panel is a thin gold embroidered line, which has a wavy in the piece. The very bottom of the tunic is done in red with colorful stitches over it. The red portion is about four inches thick and the top of it is in a zig-zag like fashio. The edge of it is stitched with blue string. About an inch down from the points of the panel is a thin green stitch. Under this is an alternating pattern of a black arrow next to a yellow dimond shape with a black line in the center of it. Under that patter is a thin blue stitch. Next down is a green line moving in a zig-zag pattern which is made by smaller green lines moving up in a pyramid shape. Under this is a thin yellow stitch. Next are multiple "X's" which are done with a blue and pink string. Under this is a blue stitch line. Next is another green zig-zag line, but this one is much smaller and is created with a single green string stitch in a diagonal line multiple times, there is also a verical greem stitch in bewteen each point. Also a green stitched line underneith that patter. Next is another panel of the black arrows and yellow dimond, but with a yellow stitch under it. There is another zig-zag portion under that done in blue, and this one simply two blue lines of string stitched diagonaly multiples times. Under that is the same small green zig-zag, but done in yellow and closed off with a green stitch. There are a few stains on the dress, but very minor.
Belonged to Sandra Pefenis, who has passed, but it was her wish to have the items donated to carry on the Greek heritage. Items were donated but her cousin George Talaganis on her behalf.
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