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Pefenis, Sandra (is related to)
Talaganis, George (is related to)
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Cotume vest. It is white and red in color with a blue lining. The red portion of the vet is all in velvet and run on the edges as well as four inches of the bottom of the vest. in between the edges of the vest is all white and in a canvas material. The front of the vest is fully edged with gold embroiderment: two wavy gold lines with a straight one in between the two. One of the wavy lines over the red velvet edge and the other on the white canvas. Around the arm holes there is one extra gold embroidered line that edges the wavy line on the red velvet that the wavy line that would be on the white canvas is not present. Aroud the neck line there is a gold string that is sewn onto the edge and dangles off once ar the center and would have been tied together. On the middle of the canvas portion, one each side of the vest there is an egg shape patch of red velvet thay os bordered with the wavy gold embroiderment. There are two rows of this, one set right on the red velvet, the other is set next to it that at the top twists up into a circle. In the center of the egg shade also has gold embroiderment abstract pattern. The back of the vest is similar to the fronr in terms of the sleeve and helm embroidered borders. The back of the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the vest are also rimmed with the red velvet. There is also the egg shape like the front half, this one though is in the center of the vest, resting on the top of the portion of red velvet at the bottom of the vest. There is a lot more emboiderment design over the back as compared to the front also. There is one straight gold line that is going down the sides of the vest that is set next to a small wavy one. There is another straight gold line that runs along the back of the neckline, sits next to the red velver that outlines the arm hole, and moves vertically to the red velvet panel at the bottom of the vest. There are two more striaght gold lines that run horizontally that connects the straight line at the sides to the one described above. In between these two lines there is a green section that has a single gold, wavy line running horizontally in the center of it. Set within/running next to the straight line running inside the vest there is another small wavy gold line that, line the egg shaped design, twists into a cirlce in at the top, this cirlce portion twists inwards/points downwards. The blue lining on the inside has two different shades of blue. The top potyion is a light blue with a small shade of purple to it and the other, which lines where the bottom red velvet is is more of a true light blue without a hue of purple to it.
Belonged to Sandra Pefenis, who has passed, but it was her wish to have the items donated to carry on the Greek heritage. Items were donated but her cousin George Talaganis on her behalf.
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