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Pefenis, Sandra (is related to)
Talaganis, George (is related to)
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Small, rectangularish shaped apron. It is red and gold in color: large red panels with gold embroiderment. The red panels alternate in material going from a shiney, smooth fabric to velvet. The shiney portions are a slightly lighter red than the velvet. There is a red ribbon that is sewn onto the top of the apron, about an inch thick, that wraps around the the back so it can be tied aruond the waist. The first spot of gold embroiderment is right between the first two panels, just a gold line going across the apron. The next starts at the ends of the gold line but cirlces downward and goes till the middle of the forth panel. There are two thin, wavy embroiderment that set next to each other. There is another wavy line that is under the forth panel, same material as the ones that cirlce down, but this is just in a straight line. Less than half an inch under this is another straiht gold line, same as the one at the top of the skirt. About another inch down are two wavy embroidered lines, the one on the top being about half the size compaired to the one below it. Also less than an inch under those is another plane staight gold line. Lastly about another inch and a half down is the same two wavy lines as above followed by two straight gold lines. The back of the apron is all red and is lined with the same material as used to make the waist band/tie.
Belonged to Sandra Pefenis, who has passed, but it was her wish to have the items donated to carry on the Greek heritage. Items were donated but her cousin George Talaganis on her behalf.
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