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Stamos, Katherine (is related to)
Rummel, Zoe (is related to)
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White undershirt. Short sleeved and would end at about the waist line. The straps and about three inches aroung the neckline is done with lace. The outside of the straps and the top of the neckline is edged with a slightly ruffled lace. After the ruffle bit of fabric there is a half inch-inch wide panel of fabric with a repetative patter moving across it. A small, somewhat flower like symbole that is created by ten very small holes. Next to that is another floral image, this one is set sideways and has three peddals moving outward. Under the flower there is a round circle that is is set on top of and four twisted lines coming off of it, two on each side. Moving across the place white strip this set of images repeats. This pattern is the only one that is on the straps. Underneath the solid strip, also a little less than an inch wide, done in sheer lace at has very small flower set about half an inch apart and repeats all the way around the chest area. Under that is the same solid white panel as above and under that is another panel of the sheer lace. Going down the center of the dress are pearlized buttones, seven of them. The bottom of the undershirt there is an inch and a half plain, soild white trim. Above the trim, next to the second to last button it looks like the shirt would have been ruched together. There are two holes on the right shoulder, one in each of the sheer lace panels. Also around that shoulder area, under the last lace panel are brown, small dotted, stains. There is discoloration on the back of the shirt as well as a hole on the middle left side.
Katherine Monolopoulos Stamos married James S. Stamos in October 1909 in Kokkoni Corinth. Before the marrige James had come to Chicago in 1905, but had gone back to visit his mother and also at that time got married. The family feels that the garments were possibly made in Chania Crete, where Katherin lived with her brother for five years, who was alson in the fabric business.
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