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White lace dress that is set onto a pink. The dress itself is short sleeved and all white minus a thin pink bow in the middle of the neckline. The shoulder straps and neck line and done with a sheer lace, which has a floral design on it: one larger flower with a set of three next to it in a diagonal line. On the shoulder strap there are two panels of the floral lace and in between them there is a thin strip that has a single flower and in between each there is a very small checker board pattern. These strip go in a vertical direction. Right around the neckline and on the inner shoulder is a strip of lace that has repeated openings that go all the way around the neck, they are thin ovals set very close together. On the inner side of that is a thin ruffled lace that also goes fully around the neck. Under the neckline there is about another inch of the sheer lace floral fabric. Under that, at about the lower bust part of the dress is a horizontal, rectangular block which has six large dimond shapes that go around the dress. They are sheer with that same floral lace as before with the centers having another dimond shape, smaller and having an oval in the center of it. The oval has leaf/vine like design circling the inside of it with a flower in the very center of it. The corners of the large dimonds do over lap and on the outside of the dimonds, surrounding each is a opquec white fabric. Under this block there is another inch wide sheer lace, but under that, about waist and down is all opque. Under this portion there is about a ten and a half inch blank space. The bottom of the dress, about thirteen and a half inches from the helm line, is unfolded. The fabirc is sold white with a few sections that are decorated with sheer laces; the same floral one as on the top portion of the dress.There are seven raised white lines moving horiziontaly around the dress. They are set very close together and take up about two or so inches of space. They do go around the whole of the dress but are intersected four times (two on the back and two on the front) by about in inch wide vertical stip of sheer lace fabric which comes down till the bottom of the dress. There are two rows, about two inches apart, of downward curved lines of the same sheer lace. The helm of the dress is trimmed with more of the floral lace, but is ruffled and cut to have a scalloped like curve to them.
Katherine Monolopoulos Stamos married James S. Stamos in October 1909 in Kokkoni Corinth. Before the marrige James had come to Chicago in 1905, but had gone back to visit his mother and also at that time got married. The family feels that the garments were possibly made in Chania Crete, where Katherin lived with her brother for five years, who was alson in the fabric business.
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