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Syriolpoulos, Ann (is related to)
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Skirt that is the second piece of outfit with 2015.6.4.A. It is all black with a floral pattern over. The floral pattern is also black, but has a sheen to it that makes it stand out of the also black background. On the sides of the skit, around the waist area are three strands of elastic. The first is at the top of the waist and the other two are about an inch and a half away from one another. Where the elastic is as well as the area in between, the matteral bunches/ruffles together. The top of the skirt, top of the waist has this same bucnhed ruffled look all the way around, but the ruffles are tighter on the sides where the elastic is. There is seven inches in the front and back of the skirt that does not have elastic, but flat/smooth fabric. Also the elastic comes down about eight inches from the waist line, the sides of the skirt under the elastic are softly pleated where the center (front and back) are flat. On the front portion of the dress, next to the elastic, on the right side, there are six buttons that connect the smooth fabric to the ruffled.
Ann Syrioploulos was born in Wisconsin in 1918. She lived with her parents Michael (father) and Base (mother) Syriopoulos who were born in Greece. She also lived with her three sisters Mary, Dorothy and Theresa. Due to the year of the dress it is possibly that this dress had once belonged to her mother Base and was used as an evening honeymoon outfit (note left with the dress)
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