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circa 1915
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Syriopoulos, Ann (is related to)
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Blacl jacket, which goes with matching skirt. The jacket is all black with a foral pattern all over. The patter is also black, but it has somewhat of a sheen to it to make it stand out of the also black background. The lining of the jackets is a blue/teal color. The jacket has sleeves that hit about three inches away from the wrist. It has a ver rounded collar with three buttons in the front; each six inches from the other. The buttons look as if there are tightly twisted strings with the very top looking like the stings form a flower. About two inches from the bottom button, on each side there is a thin bow and under each bow is a triangular cut out.
Ann Syrioploulos was born in Wisconsin in 1918. She lived with her parents Michael (father) and Base (mother) Syriopoulos who were born in Greece. She also lived with her three sisters Mary, Dorothy and Theresa. Due to the year of the dress it is possibly that this dress had once belonged to her mother Base and was used as an evening honeymoon outfit (note left with the dress)
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