Object ID
Object Name
Album, Photograph
Date Created
1937 – 1987
Cardboard; Paper; Plastic
Object Entities
Alexander, Geroge (is related to)
Alexander, William (is related to)
Skoul, Nick (is related to)
Thomas, CJ (is related to)
Karatinos, John (is related to)
Bentines, James (is related to)
Vorus, Spiro (is related to)
Spiro, Bob (is related to)
Parry, D. (is related to)
Papadopoulos, P. (is related to)
Craldon, Jim (is related to)
Theodore, Nick (is related to)
Object Description
A photoalbum with a a darker brown paisley pattern, with gilded Greek key pattern forming an inner border, and a solid gold line outside it, and the words "Scrap Book" on the cover. The book is bound with a brown cord that goes throught he front and back covers through black plastic rings. Taped to the center is a crest for the Hellenic Golf Club of Chicago. The crest has amedal/shield design with the words "Hellenic Club of Chicago" on the red borders, in the center there is a golf clb and flag crossed behind a golf ball, and in front is a scroll banner that reads "sportsmanship" on a field of light blue. On top of the main shield, there is a rectangle, half light blue, half off-white, with the text "Foudned 1937". Inside the scrapbook there are a variety of papers, letters, photographs, and other print material all relating to the golf club including a member card, letter regarding the very first founding meeting on June 20, 1937
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