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Canvas; Wood
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Scholomiti, Virginia (created by)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
Scholomiti, Virginia (is related to)
Object Description
Framed portrait painting. The woman is looking slightly to the left, tilt in the neck, but body facing forward. The painting is of the chest up. It appears that she has a light pink dress on due to a slight puffiness on the shoulders and a very lightly painted, white upside down triangle painted on the middle of the chest. The color of the dress is very much the same color of her skin tone, the skin tone has some shadowing on the right side, light green shading. Around her neck she is wearing a necklace, black band with a round gold pendant hanging from it, which rests on the middle of her chest, right tin the middle of the white portion of the dress. She has a long neckline and the chin is defined by using a slightly darker shade of pink/peach. She her expresion on her face is a mixture of emotionless and serious. Her lips have a very indented cupids bow and the top lip is orange where the bottom is pink. Her nose has a defined bridge, but the point is a bit flat and not to much defined. There is a very slight pink in the cheeks. Her eyes has a bit of a heavy hood to them, eye color is a reddish brown. Eye browns are brown with a slight curve to them. Her hair is almost the same color as her eyes, a little more orange in the bangs and a beeper red towards the ends. It is up in a bun and curled. There is a light blue bow in the top of her head, the middle of the bow is covered by hair. The background of the painting is also in the same color as the dress and skin color. The frame is painted with a bit of a gold color, slightly darker, with a white wash over it. The back of the frame is painted white. There is a cardboard cover of the back of the painting itself and is nailed on. In the center of the cardboard there is a stamped square with writing in the inside of it. The first line reads "Artist-Approved" next line "Canvas Panel For Artists" next "Style C" "size 18"X24"" next "Manufactured for" then "Brudno Art Supply" after is "601 No. State st." "Phone: SUperior 7-0030" and lastly "Chicago, Illinois" There is another stamped square under the first, slightly smaller. It has two sections per row with a line under it, lines for hand writing in even though there is nothing written in these in particular. The first row has the space for 'Artist' and 'Address' the next has 'Name of Painting' and 'Place of Painting' and the last is 'Date of Painting' and 'Price' Written in pencil in the top right corner is "Scholomiti"
Painted by Virginia G. Scholomiti. Madden name Gianakopulos. She is the aunt of Elena Karalis and lived in Chicago. Like Elena she to studied at the Art Institute. The identity of the woman is unknown.
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