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Canvas; Wood
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Scholomiti, Virginia (created by)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
Scholomiti, Virginia (is related to)
Object Description
Large painting of Asian coastal town. It is multicolored. The homes are set up on a hill, all square or rectangle and done in three dimension. Most of the houses done have roofs, but are just blocks done in different colors, for example one home has orange for the front wall, but green for the side. Another has a light pink at the front and a darker peach for the side. The few houses that do have roofs also are multi color. For example one has an orange roof, but turquoise walls. Another has a pink roof but light blue walls and another with a orange roof and yellow walls. There is a set of mountains on each side of the painting, behind the houses. There is a set of two on the left side of the painting, one slightly in front the other. The other is on the right side of the painting, also behind the bunch of homes, there is only one mountain in this case and is just barely visible on its left side. In between the homes there are dark green trees and bushes. Moving down from the houses there is a small beach, just about half an inch wide and painted with dark orange and a little hint of green. After the beach the rest of the painting there is just water. In the water are a number of different types of boats. On the left, closest to the beach is a very small sail boat; it is lime green with a very small white sail in the very center of it, no persons are on it. Also close to the beach, about four or five inches away from the previous, there is a small fishing boat; it is orange with a white covering over the front portion of it. Farther from the beach, still towards the left side of the painting, is a long wooden, gondola like, boat, painted in the color green. It also has a person standing on the back half of it, on the stem. He or she is holding onto the oar which is painted black and very thin. It is resting on the back of the boat. The person is dressed on in all purple: Long pants, Long sleeve shirt with a high neck line. They also have a straw like hat on, it is cover most of the face. They have slightly tanned skin, and a little bit of red on the middle of the face. They are not wearing shoes. Farther to the right of this boat there are three junk ships. The first is the closet one to the beach and set slightly behind one of the other ships. It has a green hull and white sails with four horizontal black lines going though them. Slightly in front of that ship is the second junk ship, a red hull and white sails. It also has four black horizontal lines going across it, but also has two parallel lines moving slightly diagonal and downwards from the top of the sail. About two inches away from that ship is the last of the junk ships. It is much larger than the others and has three sails instead of just one. The hull of the ship is brown. The first of the sails that is set towards the front of the ship is painted yellow with the four horizontal lines going across it. The next sail is the largest and starts at the center of the ship, but extends slightly past the back of it. It is orange , with six horizontal lines going across it. There is a brown line, made to be rope, that is attached to the hull of the ship and connects to the top, middle of the sail. The third sail, and the smallest, is white in color, sits at the very end of the ship and overlaps the orange sail. Also has four horizontal lines painted across it. The water is painted a dark blue, but around each of the ships, there is a reflection in the water that picks up the colors of the sails. In the bottom left corner there is the signiture, "V.G.Scholomiti" The frame is painted gold with a hint of orange. There are multiple cut outs surrounding the boarder, it is a repetitive pattern. In the center there is a heart shape with crescent shapes next to it, pointing inwards. About two and a half inches away is a set of crescents, facing back to back, the shapes are resting on one another. The next patter in another pair of crescent shapes, another two and a half inches away from the other patter. They are facing each other, but there is about a two inch gap in between them. This pattern is on each side of the frame. Under this boarder pattern there is another, about an inch below, on a raised surface. The raised portion is rounded, about nine inches long, then pinched in and then continues. On each nine inch piece there is a carved image. It looks like a set of wings with a set of legs/feet next to it and then something that looks like a scaled body, no head or arms. There are fourteen of these images. The back of the frame is plain light wood. With four long planks attached to hold the canvas in place. There are four, one on each side, metal latches that hook around the planks and multiple nails holding the canvas to the planks. On the top and bottom plank, in the very center, there is a black stamp, the logo that is on it is unreadable, but there are words next to it that reads "The Goron & Co." under that also reads "219 W Madison" and under that "Chicago" next to Chicago, in between these words and the logo is the number "28". On the right side of the frame there is a black stamp that reads "22X28" there is a "T" shape that goes above and in between that and the number "625". Under this reads "Hecho En Mexico" There are two metal hooks that are on each side of the painting that is connected by a metal wire that allows the painting to be hung.
Painted by Virginia G. Scholomiti. Madden name Gianakopulos. She is the aunt of Elena Karalis and lived in Chicago. Like Elena she to studied at the Art Institute.
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