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Canvas; Wood
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Scholomiti, Virginia (created by)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
Scholomiti, Virginia (is related to)
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Large rectangular landscape painting. The ground of the landscape is done with multiple colors in short strokes: yellow, red, green, blue and purple. The main portion on the painting is set on a hill looking over a lake. On the hill there are three trees. Two of them have thin trunks and are set about five inches from another. Colored with red, light blue and white. The leaves of the tree are colored with bits of yellow, light green, and forest green. The leaves on the tops of the tree come together in the middle making it look like one big tree top. The third tree is place a little more forward than the other trees. Its trunk splits into two. The coloring is similar to the other two but has more white and light blue than red. The right trunk is taller than the other and leaning to the right. It has three distinc large branches coming from it. The left trunk is about two inches shorter than the right and has four branches coming from it, all towards the top of the tree. Like the previous ones the leaves also have a combination of light to darker green, but this tree has a little bit of purple in the leaves as well. Behind the third tree and going to the right edge of the painting is a large green bush, about eight inches tall and fifteen inches wide. The rest of the view from behind the tree is of the lake. The rest of the ground curves around the lake. There is another set of bushes about six inches from the bottom of the painting. About another five inches up from the bushes is the start if a set of mountains. They are in the color light blue, with a light wash of pink in it. The first mountain, going from left to right, is half covered by the frame. The one next to that is also half covered by one of the trees described before. The rest of the mountain set does not pop up until we get past the larger of the tree. Here there are three more, set one in front of the other. The ski itself is two toned, there color that comes right above the mountains is more of a greenish color and then shades into a light blue and than toward the top middle, shades into a darker blue. In the bottom left corner of the painting, done in dark blue, is the signiture "V.Scholomiti" The frame is a light wood that has been painted gold. There is some scratching and ware on the frame so the light wood under the paint is showing through. The back of the painting is that light wood. There is are four connected long planks of wood that are used to pull the canvas over. There are four metal latches that are on each side holding the canvas to the wood planks. On the left corner of the top plank there is a logo etched into the wood. It is of a paint palette with a compass set in front of it, standing upwards. On the palette reads "anco bilt" and under it reads "glendale n" and about an inch away from the logo is the number "32" There are two metal hooks on each side of the painting with a metal wire connecting them so the painting is able to be hung.
Painted by Virginia G. Scholomiti. Maden name Gianakopulos. She is the aunt of Elena Karalis and lived in Chicago. Like Elena she to studied at the Art Institute.
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