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Canvas; Wood
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Scholomiti, Virginia (created by)
Scholomiti, Virginia (is related to)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
Object Description
Still life painting, no frame. Done on canvas. The background/wall is done in a cream/beige color, vertical and V-shaped brush strokes. The table, which starts in the middle of the painting is in a brown color, but also has a little bit of a wash to look like wood. There is a beige table cloth that is in the middle of the table and draping off the front side. Sitting on the cloth is a light brown vase/jug. It has a thinner base and widens slightly right before the neck. The neck is very tall and thin with a slightly wider opening. There is a handle that is attached to the neck and the top of the base. There is also something that looks like a little spout that is coming out from the vase about an inch down from the neck. There are four oranges that circle the right side of the jug, circling half. next to the oranges there is a white plate with two lemons on it. To the left of the jug there is another orange sitting about an inch and a half away. Next to the orange is a bundle of bananas, yellow with a little bit of green on the tips and some brushes of brown. In front of the banana is a red apple. Next to the banana there is half an orange; the other half is cut off by the edge of the painting. In the bottom left corner there is the name "V.Gianakopulos." There is no frame to this painting, the canvas is nailed to four planks of wood. There are twenty six nails in total circling the boarder.
Painted by Virginia G. Scholomiti. Due to the signature made on the painting itself, how the last name Gianakopulos was used, we can tell that this painting was done before Virginia was married. She is the aunt to the source of this accession and studied at the Art Institute and lived here in Chicago.
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