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Canvas; Wood
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Scholomiti, Virginia (created by)
Scholomiti, Virginia (is related to)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
Gianakopoulos, Virginia (is related to)
Object Description
Framed still life painting of bouquet. The wall of the painting has a combination of colors: white, yellow, light green, light pink. The boarder between the table and the wall is come what blurred together, but the table is done much darker with green, where the wall has much more pink to it. On the table, around the area of the vase that holds the bouquet is a purple color that is used for shadowing; it is on the table around and on a small portion of the wall. The vase is rectangular, seems that is has started off white but mixes of a light pink and a small hint of light blue where put in. The is black that outlines the base and the right side of the vase, where the left side is outline in blue. It does look like the vase was done in a 3D way, but there is not much of an outline on the middle corner. The flowers within the bouquet so not have a particular shape other than rounded bunches of color. The colors used are blue, purple, yellow and white. There are different tones of green on the outer portion on the bouquet that represent the leaves. In the bottom left corner, written in orange is "V.G.Scholonmiti" and coming off of the last 'i' us a streak of orange that underlines the "miti" of the name. The fame holding the painting is light color wood, with a thin coat of gold paint on it. There are four different elevations of this frame. The outer boarder is less that a half inch wide and it the lowest elevation. The next protudes about an inch forward. On the top of it there are twenty six finger wide indentations that encircle the frame. There is about an inch dip inwards for the next elevation that is completely flat all the way around the frame, an inch wide. It then very slightly rises again where the frame has a slightly braided boarder around the picture itself, there is about a half inch dip that is painted white before the painting. The back of the frame is light wood, no coat of paint. The outer portion of the frame is an inch thick, then comes inward very slightly. The corners are layered with triangular pieces of wood which are stapled in place. There is also one staple in each side of the frame. About two and a half inches away from the edge of the frame is a raised 10X7 area which holds the painting. It has two longer 9X1.5 strips of wood going vertically 1.5X3.5 pieces going horizontally in between them. These pieces boarder the back of the painting, but there is nothing behind the middle of the painting, here you can just see the back of the canvas. Nailed into the top of the raised middle portion is a metal hook, long and ridged and ingraved into it is "IC HANG.PAT.PENO"
Painted by Virginia G. Scholomiti. Madden name Gianakopulos. She is the aunt of Elena Karalis and lived in Chicago. Like Elena she to studied at the Art Institute.
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