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Canvas; Wood
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Karalis, Elena (created by)
Karalis, Elena (is related to)
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Still life painting of flower vase. The background of the painting is done in a mossy green with a slight wash of an orange tone as well as other tones of green. There is not much to distinguish the difference between the table and the wall, color wise, other than the brush stokes: the strokes for the walls are vertical while the tables are horizontal. The vase is also done in the same colors as the wall and table and also has vertical brush strokes, but it does have an outline of the vase done in black paint. The vase has a very round body, with a thin neck and a slightly tilted opening. There are numerous flowers within the vase. They are in the colors red, yellow, a light orange, and white. There are also a few forest green leaves coming off of the steams of the flowers and as well as few extra greenage plant life, done in a lighter forest green, spread throughout the bouquet. In the bottom left hand corner, painted in orange is the name "E. Karalis" The painting is framed in a lighted wood frame that has been painted gold. In the center portion of the frame there is about a half inch part that is not wood, but more of a canvas like material that is in a off white/cream color. The back of the frame shows the painted gold frame, no canvas material . The center has a paper back that is held in place by nails. On the back there is also stamped on a logo reading "permanent pigments" there is a paint brush under it and the the words "cincinati 12, Ohio" this is all within a black rectangle and the words are in the same color as the background of the paper. Above the black rectangle is a man painting on an easel and next to him reads "12X16. Under the black are the words "manufacturers of fine artiest' colors" Below that in smaller print is the work "subject" with a line next to it and hand written on that line is the name Karalis. Under that are the words "painted with" and another three lines. In red pen, in the middle of all three lines is an "A-". after those three lines there is the word "artist" with a blank line next to it and lastly the word "date" with another blank line. There are two metal hooks about six inches from the top that are connected by a wire that would be used to hang the painting.
Painting done by Elena Karalis, as indicated by the signiture in the bottom left hand corner of the painting. Elena studied at the Art Institute and since there is an "A-" on the back of this painting it is safe to assume that at one point this was one of the assignments that she was instructed to do.
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