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White Uvex ski goggles. The frame is curved to fit the face and is a white rubber. On the top of the frame there is two raise black half circles on each side, sitting right next to each other. In between them there is a long raised half tube, which would most likely be used to better secure the eye glass. There is a space for the nose at the bottom of the frame, allowing the goggles to set right atop. On each side of the frame there are three rows of very slight indentation the look like arrows pointing outward past the goggle. The glass portion itself has a green tint. It has the same curve as the frame, and is very rounded glass. It is also very scratched up, more or less all over. On the inside of the frame there is what use to be a padding that would rest along the face, mostly all of it has flaked off so there is just a thin layer of dark brown foam. At each end of the rubber frame there is a black plastic latch that is connected which allows for an elastic headband to be hooked on. The band is black and white striped, two thicker black stripes with a thinner white one in the center. On each end of the band, about a half inch away from the frame, is the word uvex, which is printed in white. There are also two metal loops about two inches apart from one another, towards the center of the band that is used to loosen or tighten the headband.
Philipp M. Winter, born in Fürth im Wald on 3 May 1898, attended Fürth High School in Bavaria. After the First World War, he started his career as an export businessman, concentrating on Portugal and Spain. After establishing a small distribution company in Barcelona, he returned to Fürth, Bavaria, and founded the “Optische-Industrie-Anstalt Philipp M. Winter”, which was a handcraft-oriented establishment in Fürth/Poppenreuth. After successfully mastering the challenges of the early years, the premises soon became too small and the company moved to Salzstrasse in Fürth, which remained the headquarters for many years. A pioneering spirit, ingenuity and dedication helped uvex through the trying war and post-war years. It marked the beginning of a targeted, market-oriented business structure. The company under the sole proprietorship of Philipp M. Winter is renamed “Winter-Gesellschaft für Optik und Augenschutz” with the family becoming legal shareholders. Rainer Winter is appointed as joint Managing Director together with Philipp M. Winter. Rainer Winter coined the “uvex” brand name, based on an abbreviation of the quality seal for lenses – Ultra Violet EXluded. From this moment on, all sports and leisure products were and still are sold under the uvex brand. In 1967, the uvex group started selling stylish sunglasses to retail under the Filtral brand. 1970 was an onset of the most successful growth years, diversification and internationalisation are driven forward by the new management team. uvex successfully made the leap across the Atlantic to North America and established manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada and the USA. In 1972 – uvex downhill: the first ski goggles with a spherical, injection-moulded lens and anti-fog coating. From here on the company had continuation of steady growth, for example in 1980, the subsidiary Alpina is founded in Derching, Bavaria and In 1987, laservision was founded as a joint venture and has been wholly-owned by the uvex safety group since 2004. The company has achieved global success with technologically advanced laser protection products. In 1999 – After 12 years of preparation, Michael Winter became the Managing Partner of uvex Winter Holding, with responsibility for sales totalling EUR 360 million and approximately 2,200 employees worldwide.
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