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1939 – 1945
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Peters, Tom (owned by)
Raethz, Betty (is related to)
Peters, Tom (is related to)
Object Description
Beige cloth naval dress cap. The cap is all one solid color and has one fold that comes up about half way up the cap. On the front side, to the left, there is an infantry badge that is pinned on. It is of an eagle holding a shield. The shield has fourteen star, in rows of two, at the top and vertical stripes at the bottom, twelve strips in total. The eagle has his wings spread open and head turned to the left. Behind the shield are two intersecting anchors. Starting at the top of each anchor is a rope that is twisted down to the base. There is fading of color on the insignia, but it does appear that at one point the whole thing would have been painted gold. On the back side of the cap there is an extra two inch rounded fold on the right corner. In the middle of the top of the fold is a bar insignia. Since there is only one this would indicate a lieutenant, the color of the bar has faded so it is hard to determine if it was for a first (silver) or second (gold). On the inside of the cap there is the number seven stamped with ink on the front side; in the very middle and at the bottom of the cap.
Belonging to Tom Peters (1919-1982), WWII naval bomber pilot with the nickname "Greek". He was in his twenties while serving in the war. Due to insignia on his cap we can determine that he was a lieutenant, however the insignia color has since faded so it is not clear if he was his first or second.
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