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Headset, Radio
Date Created
1939 – 1945
Object Entities
Raethz, Betty (is related to)
Peters, Tom (is related to)
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Headphones with connecting audio cord. The ear pieces have black plastic like material on the outside, while the inner part has a yellow cushion surrounding the frame and driver. Connecting both ear pieces is a metal head piece and slider. The slider is connected to the ear pieces themselves and can be moved up and down to make a better fit on the head. The head piece would rest on the very top of ones head. It has two metal strips that connects to the slider. There is about an inch of that piece that is shown while the rest is coved with a leather strap (leather on the bottom top is made of canvas that folds over the two metal strips and buttons on each side and in the center. On the top right, written in pen is the work 'Greek.' Attached to the ear pieces are also a set of wires/cables. Each end is attached to the ear piece and then follows up on the metal strips that follow around the head. On the left side, on the front set of cables, it splits, one still connecting to the ear piece while the other contiues down about a foot acting as the audio cable.
Belonging to Tom Peters, also known as 'Greek', naval bomber pilot from WWII.
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